Question: is this what I want to do with my life?

I’m a 31 yr old software engineer with a loving partner and a full time job. From the moment I left home at 17 these were my life goals. They took another decade to achieve and a few more years to be financially comfortable but I got there. The problem now is; what do you strive for once you achieve your goals?

I know typically this would be the point to aim for a mortgage or have children or climb the career ladder but none of that appeals.

If asked: am I happy with my life? I’d say -“yes, but…” And that’s the problem I am happy with what I have and am proud of what I’ve achieved but…

A key part that bugged me for ages is that I do not produce anything, I only consume. I’m not an artist, a writer, a craftsman, I’ve not even been a photographer in the last few years.

Recently this has developed further into the idea that a person should add to society and their community, not just take from it. I’m not talking about just volunteering or taking part in organisations, I mean doing something that adds to our society; art, science, agriculture, craft, education, help. Doing something for more than just ourselves.

So yes I’m happy but being happy is no longer enough. I want to be happy and to feel I am adding to society and part of my community. It’s a lovely statement but how? In what way? What skills do I have that could be used for the benefit of others, in a form that isn’t abandoning what I’ve worked hard for so far?